• Who are we? A startup by couple young professionals and entrepreneurs who love cycling in the cities. We are not here to be average company, we are here to share what we love, promote smarter and more green commuting, and help others to become more active.


  • How long it takes to charge the battery? It takes up to 3-4 hours 


    • Shipping / Warranty ? We do free shipping within UK and EU at the moment. State Physical comes with 1 year manufacturing warranty guaranteeing it against manufacturing defects.  


    • Hassle Free Returns ?  Yes. just in case you changed your mind. You can return any items you purchased for up to 30 days from the purchase date.  It must be in the unused condition that you received them in. The cost of returning the goods is at your own cost. We recommend that you use a parcel delivery company that will insure you for the value of the goods you are returning. Just drop us a message and we will help you out with the return.


    • What is torque sensor? All our lightweight e-bikes are pedelecs and they all have torque sensors controlling the motor, while measuring the speed and your own input. Torque sensor is advanced technology measuring how hard the cyclist is pedalling to determine how much electric power to push to the bike. It makes this adjustment in real time so it is technically amplifying your every input and syncing the e-bike with you, guaranteeing smooth riding experience. In contrast for example less advances technology such as Cade Sensors would turn the motor ON when you start pedalling and would turn it OFF when you stop pedalling. Working more or less like a switch therefore with such sensor pedal assistance can feel laggy and counterintuitive. 


    • Can I still cycle if I run out of battery? If you switch off the assist mode or run out of battery juice, you can still ride your StatePhysical e-bike like any regular bicycle. 


    • Can the Battery be replaced? Yes. The frame and the battery within the frame are designed in such a way that you could remove the battery and, if needed, replace it with a new one.


    • Is StatePhysical e-bikes any good? Hell yes! We been cycling with it ourselves. And we love it!  


    • Are we on Cycle to work Scheme? Unfortunately we are not, but that's something we will be working on soon.