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Lightweight e bike by STATE PHYSICAL

Light. Cool. Quiet. Capable. Become part of State Physical e-bike group changing the future of urban commute. Pro looks & Pro performance. Yes, finally a super light and minimalistic design, 250W single-speed e-bike giving you the boost you need! Gain power the second you start pedalling forward. Oh and did we tell you that riding up the hills never been so fun before? And the best part of it? We finally made premium affordable.  Ready for your best commutes ever. 

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After searching long and hard to find a solution to best affordable single-speed electronic bike for there own urban commutes & adventures, two young professionals decided these e-bikes were too good to keep only to themselves. Later after numerous meetings, discussions, research and working hours, we set our Electric Bikes for Adults Supply Chain in place & finally State Physical has been born.

On top of this brilliant electric bike, we want to add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.  StatePhysical electric bicycle company wants you to have an enjoyable and easy online shopping experience from start to finish. All our stock is shipped from UK.